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Learn about AnneMarie, Sara, and the SoMa story

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Sara Debish
Vice President



SoMa Events started as a fun hobby but there’s a bit of a back story here... What started as a hobby of planning social events, weddings, bridal showers and yes, even bachelorette parties, I decided it was time to take it to the next level. Enter, the idea of SoMa Events. As any lifelong Austinite knows, our city is forever evolving. We now have SoCo for South Congress, SoLa for South Lamar so why not name the business after the place where it got it’s start? South Manchaca or as it’s starting to be known, the wayyyy South Austin aka South Awesome!

I am one of the rare few that was actually born and raised in way South Austin graduating from Bowie High School. I went on to continue my education at the University of Texas in San Antonio, majoring in business, but San Antonio wasn’t really my scene, so I came back as quickly as I could!  After coming back I planted myself back in South Austin with my son Andrew and our 2 pups Lola and Bagel.

Since I know this area like the back of my hand, I definitely have an advantage above any other event planning businesses.  I have tons of great hidden gems of venues,restaurants, bars, and any place that might fit your event needs. 

Now, I had the company vision but there was one thing missing. I knew I needed someone who shared in my same love and passion for event planning and definitely needed someone who was as much of a perfectionist as I am! I couldn't think of anyone better suited as a partner in making SoMa Events official, than my best friend Sara. She had all the qualities that SoMa needed and I knew that our clients would get the best balance with both of us at the wheel of their events. So we did it! We took our hobby that we have enjoyed for all these years (as well as our amazing talent and personality) to officially form SoMa Events LLC, the BEST event planning business in Austin! 

So, that's enough about me! Here is Sara to introduce herself to you guys. :)


Hey everyone! I am Sara Debish. I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelors of Science and a MBA from Colorado Technical University. After graduating, I worked as a marketer and liaison in the healthcare industry since 2002. In these positions I designed, implemented and completed events from corporate events, marketing events, baby showers and weddings. 

Everyone knows that if you attend one of my events it will be special and memorable. I will put my heart and soul into each project and make sure that my clients are as happy with an event as I am. Now, it has been said, that I am a bit of perfectionist but trust me, that's a good think. It means that I fully understand that the small details are just as important to you as they are to me in order to really pull an event together. 


I am a mom of 4 and a military wife who loves to stay active. When I’m not chauffeuring kids to their activities I am usually working out! I believe staying active is the best example I can set for my children. 


Having grown up in a small town in south Texas, I value and understand the importance of relationships and communication. The personal touch is my passion for all of my clients and I won’t settle for anything but perfection just like AnneMarie! That's why I knew that we would be able to be the best team for our clients and deliver the most amazing and unique and even PERFECT events. 

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